Death Valley The Peel

So that we know, realize and never forget.

View the retrospective in Museum Klok & Peel. In the Peel hundreds of people are engaged in activities around 75 years of freedom. Their efforts will result in a colourful range of liberation and commemoration activities in 2019 and 2020. Many of these activities are associated with the Death Valley De Peel cooperation program, initiated and promoted by Museum Klok & Peel in Asten.

The Death Valley De Peel is an umbrella project covering more than 150 commemoration and liberation activities in the Peel. Especially for the commemoration years, in addition to the activities, a retrospective exhibition about the Peel in wartime has been developed, special (cycling) routes have been realized, a Peel-wide educational program has been set up and a storybook has been published. The routes, education program and book will also be available after 2020.

In this project, the museum is working together with the six Peel municipalities of Helmond, Asten, Deurne, Someren, Gemert-Bakel and Laarbeek. More than 220,000 inhabitants live in these municipalities. Brabant Remembers, vFonds, Water Authority AA and Maas and more than fifty organisations in De Peel also play a major role in the project. We work together to pass on the stories from De Peel, Brabant and the Netherlands. Find out more about this project? View the website